Tim James

Growth Catalyst, Kansas City

Tim James



"Building and creating is very fulfilling for me. Whether in concepts, people, teams, organizations, moving forward and upward brings me joy. Not surprisingly, I find it deeply satisfying to be ringside, cheering on executives transforming into the leaders they want to be, evoking transformation in their people and the organizations in their care."


Tim James rose through technology ranks to lead companies in Healthcare, Scientific Research, Software, Publishing, and Distribution, spanning both for-profit and non-profit arenas.

In his most recent full-time engagement as President of PPM Information Solutions (PPMIS), Tim was hired by the company’s corporate owner to make the business unit viable and healthy by repairing the fragmented culture & portfolio while reversing a significantly negative bottom line. He was tasked with growing market share while improving client services with the underlying goal of positioning the software company for sale. After the successful sale of PPMIS to Bolder Healthcare Solutions in October of 2014, Tim led the transition with near-perfect client retention.

After the successful turnaround, marketing, and sale of PPMIS, Tim started TCJ Consulting in 2016, focusing his efforts and leveraging his experience to help companies improve organizational health, and focus their strategy and leadership development to accelerate success.

Tim, and his wife Courtney, have four grown children and three grandchildren. Tim and Courtney are active members of Christ Church Anglican in Overland Park where Tim serves on the Parish Council. Tim enjoys building, whether it’s healthy organizations, custom-designed furniture, or Beef Bourguignon. Creating something greater than the sum of its parts is where he feels God’s pleasure.

More About Tim

Why Tim Joined Acumen.

"After being a partner in an Acumen team for years as an executive, I marveled at the deep value and contribution of comrades on the journey. To have a common foundation of faith in Jesus and deep sojourner friendships is challenging, sharpening, and inspiring. The opportunity to facilitate Acumen teams is deeply fulfilling and humbling. It is as though I collected all the parts of my leadership roles in the past and cherry-picked the parts I love the most – parts I now get to do back-to-back-to-back!"

Challenges Tim is seeing CEOs facing today.

"A key challenge for CEOs is to build a culture where everybody feels comfortable raising their hand and saying “I have an issue”. And then, getting adept at setting up problems as they arise, solving them, and knocking them down so that they go away forever, for the good of the organization.

It’s challenging to inspire people to be disciplined in consistently performing the core activities that make the organization work, the best and right way, every time. Success is unlocked when CEOs can get this engine tuned and running, so they can focus on why they got into business in the first place."

On a personal note...

How I recharge for the day.

Nothing quite as good as a good long five-mile walk to recharge. Even richer when my wife joins me.

Words that describe me best.


Favorite activity after work.

Creating and building furniture, reading, and sketching are my favorite after-work activities.

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