Tim Haake

Growth Catalyst, Kansas City

Tim Haake



"Everyone has a unique story to tell. I am fascinated by others – what drives them, how they tackle challenges, and what they desire most out of life. I’m passionate about helping others to understand who they are, who they are not, and how best to leverage their uniqueness to experience happiness."


An innate visionary, Tim Haake has been fortunate to sit in the ownership/CEO seat of multiple businesses across the manufacturing, wholesale/e-commerce, real estate, and retail industries. Tim started his career in business development with a Fortune 500 company before joining his family’s commercial insurance brokerage firm – and then his career as an entrepreneur began. Most recently, he successfully transitioned a second-generation family business to new ownership before joining Acumen as a Growth Catalyst.

Tim is experienced in navigating the complex challenge of building an effective leadership team, understanding the dynamics of family business, leading an organization through seemingly insurmountable headwinds, and driving culture by building relationships with employees at all levels of an organization. He has also worked extensively with the Culture Index assessment platform and the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS).

Tim and his wife, Lauren, have 6 children and are members of Cure of Ars Parish in Leawood, KS. Tim enjoys staying active in fitness, playing drums and guitar, reading history, and spending time with his family.

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More About Tim

Why Tim Joined Acumen.

As a partner on an Acumen team for 7+ years, I’ve witnessed the powerful influence and return that Acumen provides. I have grown as a leader, husband, and father through the coaching and peer feedback of Acumen, and at this point in my career, my desire is to seek purpose and fulfillment by serving others. The Acumen Growth Catalyst platform provides me with an avenue to leverage my experience (I can certainly tell others what NOT to do) and gifts to help others to benefit as I have.

Challenges Tim is seeing CEOs facing today.

There are two primary challenges I see many CEOs facing today: the struggle to find the right team, and the hard task of attaining operational efficiency.

Building the right team is difficult – and many leaders don’t know what is needed.

They may sense that their current situation is suboptimal, but pinpointing and addressing the root of the problem is often a thorny business. The process can be complicated by tight budgets, today’s uniquely challenging hiring landscape, and the presence of key people whose long tenures and close relationships within the company have made them resistant to change.

Many CEOs also suffer from a lack of operational calm.

Chaos seems never to subside, and CEOs are continually tasked with solving problems that pull them away from the highest and best use of their time and unique skillset. As the world evolves quickly around us, organizations that lack defined rhythms and a measured operational approach will continue to be forced to focus on short-term crisis response, rather than broader strategic initiatives.

On a personal note...

How I recharge for the day.

My recipe for an excellent day: waking up early, spending time in prayer, examining yesterday’s wins and losses, and settling on a focus for the rest of the day.

Favorite activity after work.

I enjoy nothing more than spending time and simply being present with my family.

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