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The 4 Degrees of Delegation

The hallmark of a valuable company is that it can thrive without you. So how do you get there?

Master the art of delegation.

As a business owner, your instinct might be to oversee every detail of your company. This may even be the very habit that has led to your success today! But constantly fighting fires and answering mundane questions can also create a bottleneck—while being able to delegate well allows your company to thrive, with or without your constant, in-the-weeds involvement.

Aren’t you ready to take back some of your time and loosen your grip on the steering wheel? Empower your employees to take initiative and adopt an ownership mindset by gaining a deeper understanding of the subtle degrees of effective delegation today!

Dive into The 4 Degrees of Delegation to explore:

  • Three ineffective delegation styles to avoid (we’ve all been guilty of at least one of them at some point!).
  • A detailed look at how the presence or absence of delegation affects your company’s value overall.
  • The ins and outs of implementing each of the 4 Degrees of Delegation, depending on how much autonomy you want to assign team members during any given project.
  • The value of outlining a time-based or financial budget to work within at each degree of delegation.
  • Powerful tools for encouraging employees to keep moving independently when they get stuck—WITHOUT falling back into your old patterns of micromanagement. 
The 4 Degrees of Delegation eBook Cover


Delegation isn’t a binary, where you either do it or you don’t.

It comes in degrees, and if your goal is to build a business that can thrive without your constant oversight, those degrees have to be deeply understood! As you engage with this process, you’ll find yourself gaining a business that is more valuable, a leadership style that is more enjoyable and effective for everyone involved, and team that is more inspired, enthusiastic, and empowered overall.

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