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The Myth of a High-Performing Life

What do you do when life's advantages disappear? Brent Hines knows firsthand the overwhelm and frustration that comes from years of searching for the formula of a high-performing life. In July of 2008, Brent lost everything, and it was his fault. His career, his dreams, his identity, and his future disappeared overnight.

Hear Brent’s wisdom on how he shifted his navigation and view of what a high-performance life looks like.


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The Myth of a High-Performing Life Recap

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The Courage of a Buffalo

Have you ever seen how a Buffalo handles a storm? They face it, head-on. What would your life look like if you approached storms this way? 

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How to Make Financial Wellness Your Reality

Watch Brent's TEDx Talk about Financial Wellness.

Meet Brent Hines

Co-Founder & Executive Director of the Foundation for Financial Wellness

Brent HinesBrent Hines is the co-founder and Executive Director of the educational non-profit, Foundation for Financial Wellness.  The Foundation’s mission is to improve people’s lives by empowering them with the knowledge and the motivation to take control of their financial lives.  The Foundation’s curriculum is rooted in the principles of Behavioral Finance which makes every class topic taught by the Foundation unique, innovative and extremely valuable.

Brent’s vision has led to the expansion of the Foundation’s curriculum, delivery and effectiveness.  Some of today’s most popular class topics are budgeting, debt elimination, insurance, investments, retirement, taxes, and life & legacy planning.

Brent regularly delivers keynote addresses on behalf of The Foundation for Financial Wellness, bringing motivational presentations to corporations, workforce boards, churches, groups, and associations offering real-world financial solutions to thousands of individuals and the organizations of which they are members.

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