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How much time do you spend
ON vs. IN your business?

What % of your time should you spend leading, strategizing, and thinking about your business?

What range do you see yourself in? Are you spending up to either 25-50% or 0-10%?


Acumen CEOs & Business Owners


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Learn Where You Spend Your Time Working In Your Business.

As the owner, CEO, or Key Executive, you do less and less productive work. You run the place. Do you act like it?

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What Readers Are Saying

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As CEO's, we know that people 'respect what we inspect' - However, we rarely stop to inspect how we effectively (we, ourselves) are spending the minutes in our day. The "ON vs IN the Business" tool was a great opportunity for our Acumen roundtable to do just that, and prompted both enlightening discussion, and planned action for having a more effective and fulfilled life.

Alec Haight
CEO, Pioneer Music Company
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One of the secrets to growing your business is to think strategically and not get caught in the weeds of the business. At Acumen we encourage leaders to step out of the day to day and devote significant time to working ON the business; Planning, Inventing, Strategizing, Leading, Developing - all crucial to your business' long-term success!

Angie Grasis
Acumen, Growth Catalys


Where is your time focused?

Self-Assessment Included

Take a deep dive and look at the activities you are focused on and how much time you are spending. You might be surprised to see where you land. We have an assessment tool all ready for you to do some reflection.

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