Kevin Lemasters

Regional President, Emerald Coast

Kevin Lemasters



"I enjoy connecting people who can add value to each other. Coming alongside others to see and support their success is very fulfilling."

Kevin spent 30 years in the pest management industry, starting on the front lines and expanding his role into senior leadership roles and eventually ownership. During his final eight years, he owned a business that quickly doubled in size. Kevin brought his experience building leadership and company culture to state, national, and international platforms throughout his career, sharing the story of his success and coming alongside others to support them in their success as well.

He is active in his community, serving in his local church as well as non-profit organizations and business community networks.

Kevin has been married to Kimberly for over 30 years, and they have two grown children. They enjoy travel and seeking out new adventures together.

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More About Kevin

Why Kevin Joined Acumen.

I’ve been a part of different business peer communities over the years, and have benefited deeply from the value they provide. After exiting my own business, it became clear that challenging and supporting a team of business leaders was the next step and adventure I wanted to tackle.

Challenges Kevin is seeing CEOs facing today.


I find that most CEOs and owners easily let themselves become distracted – caught up in a myriad of tasks and projects that they should be handing off to others.


Business leaders also tend to lack access to similarly positioned peers who they can lean on for accountability and use as sounding boards.


On a personal note...

How I recharge for the day.

Running has been a big part of my life for years. My routine sort of disappeared during the pandemic, and I’m still working to get back on track. I know how much better I function when I start the day off with some exercise.
Spending time with God is another integral step towards starting my day off on the right track.

Words that describe me best.


Servant Leader



Favorite activity after work.


Relaxing outdoors...

...preferably by the pool...

...and preferably with a cigar.

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Acumen is an exclusive community of CEOs & Owners focused on helping you grow your top line, optimize your bottom line and enrich your storyline.
Our affinity-centric approach creates a community that’s both an advisory board and a peer mastermind. In combining the best of both, Acumen unifies professionals whose businesses are in similar seasons and have similar characteristics, like revenue, employees, locations, competency, and demographic similarities.


Our commitment...

We develop healthy, growing businesses.
NOT a hospice or lifeline for a sinking ship.
We work on CEO/Business Owner issues.
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