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Next Team Starts September 2024

In-person and virtual options available


Support your leaders as they develop a plan to understand their organization, structure, goals, and why their role matters.


Challenge leaders to understand their role in a deeper way, gain peer wisdom, and enrich their perspective in challenging situations.


Inspire your team to a higher level of impact and enrich your storyline as a leader.

Ready to make a future impact in your organization's leadership journey?


Benefits for
Your Company

  • Deepen your bench of qualified leaders
  • Increase execution & collaboration across your team to drive business results
  • Strengthen emotional intelligence for managing and motivating effectively within your team
  • Invest in your employees with a trusted partner

Benefits for Emerging Leaders

  • Increase their leadership effectiveness to deliver results
  • Develop growth in effectiveness and trust
  • Provide recognition and investment in their future
  • Support creating new professional relationships across multiple industries


Emerging Leader Learning Journey

A 12-month program with two-hour sessions each month designed to prepare your Emerging Leader's minds in the fundamentals of stewarding people, teams, and projects. It's a dynamic, experiential learning environment generating rapid growth for your rising stars in the organization.

We'll be tackling the following 6 topics over the 12-month time period.

Leadership & Coaching

Sessions 1 & 2

Learn what makes a great leader while creating more buy-in and getting better results through coaching.


Sessions 3 & 4

Delve into practical tools to increase team effectiveness, modeling and encouraging accountability.


Sessions 5 & 6

Discover an effective cadence and core principles to increase meeting effectiveness.


Sessions 7 & 8

Explore critical factors involved in building trust to become a high-trusted leader.

High Stake Conversations

Sessions 9 & 10

Tackle how to have critical corrective conversations and negotiate effectively.

Building Effective Teams

Sessions 11 & 12

Work your way through the steps to lead through others to Cultivate thriving teams.

How it Works

Who would be a great fit?

High-potential managers, directors, and team leaders at your organization.

What's the timing?
  • The team will meet for a total of 12 monthly sessions on the third Wednesday of each month.

    • In-person 9a-11a CT
    • Virtual 1p-3p CT

  • Council starts September 18, 2024.

What's the cost?
  • $4200 one time fee (monthly payments can be arranged if needed)
  • $3600 one time fee per participant for multiple participants in the same company

Note: The program is a seat fee for the year, so if you have a change in leaders or need to switch out your participant, you may do so within the 12 months. Any changes need to be submitted to Ashley Norris.

  • Each participant will receive a welcome gift and resources corresponding to the topics.

How do I get started & someone signed up?
  • Complete the form below with your company information and the name of your Emerging Leader.

  • We will follow up with you about payment and next steps for your Emerging Leader to get going.
Tim James-2

Meet the Emerging Leader
Growth Catalyst

Tim James

Tim James rose through technology ranks to lead companies in Healthcare, Scientific Research, Software, Publishing, and Distribution, spanning both for-profit and non-profit arenas.

In his most recent full-time engagement as President of PPM Information Solutions (PPMIS), Tim was hired by the company’s corporate owner to make the business unit viable and healthy by repairing the fragmented culture & portfolio while reversing a significantly negative bottom line. He was tasked with growing market share while improving client services with the underlying goal of positioning the software company for sale. After the successful sale of PPMIS to Bolder Healthcare Solutions in October of 2014, Tim led the transition with near-perfect client retention.

After the successful turnaround, marketing, and sale of PPMIS, Tim started TCJ Consulting in 2016, focusing his efforts and leveraging his experience to help companies improve organizational health, and focus their strategy and leadership development to accelerate success.

Tim, and his wife Courtney, have four grown children and three grandchildren. Tim and Courtney are active members of Christ Church Anglican in Overland Park where Tim serves on the Parish Council. Tim enjoys building, whether it’s healthy organizations, custom-designed furniture, or Beef Bourguignon. Creating something greater than the sum of its parts is where he feels God’s pleasure.

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