By Dan Cooper on January 21, 2021

Why Your Leadership is Important

I don’t think I have to go too far out on a limb to say that we are in a leadership crisis at the top of our biggest and most high-profile organizations – public, private, and non-profit.

What’s wrong? Where did it get so wonky that leadership is now a celebrity status, something to achieve, and then use the power and glory of it for your gain? (Or has that always been the case?)

Here’s what I’ve been feeling.

“That’s them. Not me.”

Well, business owners and CEOS, it can be, if you let it.

Don’t let it.

Why is your leadership so important?

  1. As goes the leader, so goes the organization.

I call this the Abraham principle. In Genesis, Abraham comes home and tells all of his “organization” that God will be our God, so let’s all go into the barn and get circumcised. Can you imagine that all-team meeting?

Thankfully we don’t have that dramatic of choices in our life today, but the principle is right. As goes the leader, so goes the organization. Values, mission, motive – all play into the culture and direction of the company. Why, Where, and How are you and your company going this year?

  1. Your company can only grow as high as the ceiling of YOU, the leader.

Leadership is NOT a badge of “I’ve made it.”  It’s the beginning of more responsibility, more impact, more influence than at any other time in your career. If you are not being challenged, held accountable, learning, and growing, then your company is as stagnant as you are. That’s OK too if you are happy with the status quo and be a maintainer. Want growth? Raise the ceiling. Raise your ceiling. Get uncomfortable.

  1. Right Now, is when you can have the most impact in your career

I had an early experience with this because in 10 years, I started, grew, and sold a company. Twenty-four hours after I was no longer the CEO, I no longer had the platform, team, or influence to impact the world. Yes, I still had business and personal relationships, but my pond got real small, and so did my reach.  I didn’t know what I had till it was gone.

Oh, you’re going to make a difference when you retire? Great, but why wait that long?

Start today. Decide why you lead, challenge yourself, and then go out there and make an impact right now!

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Published by Dan Cooper January 21, 2021