By Dan Cooper on June 20, 2019

Wheel of Reality – A Mid Year Assessment

Guess what!?! It’s almost halfway through the year. I know, right? Now is a great time to do a mid-year check-in.

How are you doing? What goals look like you’ll achieve them? What is already off the rails? What have you won or lost?

A group of us started doing one of these “best year ever” journals so we can be more intentional in our lives and achieve big goals. The great thing about these journals is that it touches on all parts of your life and not just work (although work is what all of us achievers use it to focus on).

One of the initial exercises is a wheel of reality assessment to set a baseline and identify opportunities for improvement. We use assessments like this in our monthly council meetings too. The point of the wheel of reality is to notice if you have any divots or flat spots. If everything is an 8 out of 10 and suddenly you have a 4, then perhaps that is an area of life that is out of harmony – a concept I have written about before.

Here’s our version of the wheel. Color it in mentally, or download it here. Where are you out of balance or harmony?

If you’re like me, you figured out that work is not the thing you need to work on. I found that my “best year ever” doesn’t have any work achievements on it; the first time that’s ever happened.

It turns out all the strategic planning, quarterly goals, monthly, weekly and daily meetings, 1:1s, mentors, analysis, and overall de-risking do an excellent job of that for me.

I needed to focus on other parts of my life. The funny thing is that all boats rise. As I lean into family, faith, sleep, and marriage, I am healthier and better equipped to be “best” at work.

If you had to set a big goal that wasn’t work related for the second half of the year, what would it be?

Published by Dan Cooper June 20, 2019