By Dan Cooper on July 17, 2017

Time travel and Your Most Important Client

“I’m sorry, what?”

My wife just stared at me. The five of us were out to lunch because my son had just returned from 10 days at scout camp. He was regaling us with tales of raccoons and giant spiders in his tent. Meanwhile … I was time traveling.

Do you ever do that? Time travel either into the future – what is going to happen, or the past – relive what has already happened. Funny thing is you can’t control the first or change the second so what’s the point?

“I’m more prepared. I’m strategizing. I do this to be better,”  is what I tell myself but that’s a lie. It’s the worry, anxiety, and all the other junk from everyday life garbage-ing up my head.

So back to my wife and her rude interruption of my time traveling. “I’m sorry, what?” I say.

“Want to join the conversation?” she asks politely.

Sigh, “Yes, just thinking about work.”

“Well, then act like we’re your client.” Then BOOM! My head explodes.

How do I act with clients?

I’m prepared for the meeting. I’ve got their challenges, opportunities, needs, and blind spots at the front of my mind.

I show up and am present. I’m all theirs for the time we spend together. Nothing else is going on during that time except for the client interaction and engagement.

During the meeting I listen, deep listening, trying to hear what is said but also what they are not saying.

I wrap all that together and meet them where they are: empathizing, strategizing, ideating, connecting, holding accountable, or just listening.

Imagine if I gave my most important clients, my family, that kind of service all the time. The impact and influence would be off the charts and the ROI would be exponential.

How do you need to come to your most important client meetings?

Published by Dan Cooper July 17, 2017