By Elizabeth Shandy on April 15, 2022

Partner Spotlight: Ryan Warman, Chief Operating Officer - Pearce Construction

This month we are highlighting, Ryan Warman, Chief Operating Officer with Pearce Construction. Ryan is a partner in the key executive Acumen team, Ascend. 

About Pearce Construction

Serving Kansas City for over 65 years, Pearce Construction has a deep legacy of quality craftsmanship and uses knowledge in both construction and architecture to serve clients. They have created over 500 innovative projects and construction management solutions. Pearce Construction's unique approach from the early stage of design to completion of construction provides customers with a trusted project management process.

Ryan's Background

Ryan has over 20 years as a licensed architect. He has worked on a variety of projects including business development, pre-construction services, project estimating, construction scheduling, and construction administration. He enjoys helping architects and owners reach their goals through his compassionate project management style. 

Joining Acumen

Ryan became an Acumen partner in 2020. Since joining, he found that learning by listening and using thoughtful insights from his team has provided him an opportunity to stop and think through an issue. This peer insight has provided resources to help guide and develop the leadership skills needed to create a productive and efficient work environment. His council team and 1-1 coaching have also given him more tools and resources to guide him in day-to-day operations.

Ryan's biggest takeaway from being part of Acumen

"The community of other executives and their knowledge sharing has been invaluable. It is almost uncanny how you might be dealing with an issue in your own company and someone will bring up a similar situation that brings a fresh perspective. What makes this community so special is the ability to get perspectives from many different types of companies, each has a unique way of looking at situations. I have always been a big believer in multiple heads prevailing when it comes to solving problems and that is certainly true with my interactions at Acumen."

We are excited to have Ryan part of our Acumen community and look forward to standing beside him as he sharpens, challenges, and inspires a higher standard of leadership with Pearce Construction.

Published by Elizabeth Shandy April 15, 2022