By Elizabeth Shandy on March 25, 2022

Partner Spotlight - Jessica Ray, Executive Director, GOEX Apparel

This month we are highlighting Acumen partner, Jessica Ray, Executive Director of GOEX Apparel. Jessica celebrates her five-year anniversary this month and is part of the key-executive team, Ascend, in the Acumen community. 

About GOEX Apparel

GOEX is a Fair Trade apparel basics brand headquartered in Kansas City and wholly owned by the Global Orphan Project. They are a social enterprise with the goal of sustaining fair-wage jobs that empower families. GOEX manufactures in Haiti and warehouse and screenprint in Kansas City. 

Jessica mentions managing a for-profit business that's part of a non-profit organization is a very unique situation. She states,

"While we are a missional company and make all decisions with people first, we are still a business. So, spending time throughout the month with my Acumen team gives me an opportunity to focus just on the business and get feedback from peers. This dedicated time focused on thinking strategically, developing my team and asking for honest feedback is super helpful and healthy."

Jessica's Background

Jessica's background in the production floor of her family's toy manufacturing plant began her career in high end retail. She has spent over 17 years sharpening her skills in sales, merchandising, supply chain, planning/inventory management and manufacturing. Her skills give her the insight to ensure success in the apparel manufacturing operations of GOEX. Her work in turn, is the catalyst for changing lives in Haiti. 

Joining Acumen

Jessica relates to Acumen's mission of Sharpen, Challenge, Inspire as a business leader. She states, "The relationships built in our teams are not just to encourage or build us up -- they're purposeful in making us better by asking questions, pushing back and offering thoughtful advice." 

We are thrilled to celebrate Jessica's milestone in the Acumen community and the dignity of her organization's work to make an impact for others.

Thank you, Jessica!!

Published by Elizabeth Shandy March 25, 2022