Dan Cooper
By Dan Cooper
on January 05, 2023
Our family congregates in the family room most nights after dinner is over - homework begins, and laptops and tablets are open. My youngest has started getting into football, so Monday Night Football ...
Augie Grasis
By Augie Grasis
on December 29, 2022
Last night I met up with a friend for an after-work cocktail. Tom and I had worked together in three different companies. Both of us are in the autumn of our careers, so our conversation quickly ...
Pete Gazlay
By Pete Gazlay
on December 22, 2022
As busy CEOs and business owners, it’s easy to make yourself last and constantly bend to the needs of the business. The reality is that most companies these days run 24/7. However, humans do not, as ...
Dan Cooper
By Dan Cooper
on December 15, 2022
How about a little hot stove league in the middle of December?! In 2018, veteran first baseman for the Baltimore Orioles, Chris Davis, went 0-54 in plate appearances, a hitless streak that spanned 17 ...
Elizabeth Shandy
By Elizabeth Shandy
on December 08, 2022
Marty Thiel is an outdoorsman who turned his passion for the outdoors into a career. During college, he took his first job with Graff’s Turf during the summer. Enjoying all things outside, Thiel ...
Dan Cooper
By Dan Cooper
on December 01, 2022
When I was courting the woman who is now my wife, we spent a few Thanksgiving together at her Mom’s house. It’s funny when you only know one way for the traditions in your life. Then you show up ...
Drew Hiss
By Drew Hiss
on November 24, 2022
I don’t think I’ve ever fully earned the label of “control freak“ (though, at times, my wife would argue that point). Certainly, I have spent much of my life thinking I either had control of or ...
Elizabeth Shandy
By Elizabeth Shandy
on November 17, 2022
As a leader, is it hard to invest in and drive a consistent cultural experience throughout your organization? As a company grows, the direct impact you can have as a CEO or Owner can be constrained. ...
Dan Cooper
By Dan Cooper
on November 10, 2022
I've been getting into the creative process lately. What is creativity? How does it happen? Where does inspiration come from? How might you capture it?
Jennifer Miller
By Jennifer Miller
on November 03, 2022
A colleague of mine one time told me “My goal for the year is to be a tractor. I want to clear all of the rocks and unnecessary mess, and give my team wide-open spaces for them to run.” She then ...