By Dan Cooper on April 03, 2020

Hit Reset. Rebalance Your Business and Life Portfolio.

So, how are your investments doing?

Wow. Seriously man? You’re a jerk.

Yeah, I know. It’s not the best time to check your investments.

We all got a wake-up call to how fragile everything we “control” is.

So, now is a great time to check your entire portfolio of life investments very closely. Faith, Family, Friends, Money, Company, Community …

What did you invest in before?

Where did you invest the most?

How did you invest in your company, your people, training?

How did you invest in your family, kids, wife, siblings, and parents?

Where did your checkbook invest?

How did you invest in your community, faith, and friends?

How did you secure your future?

Were you investing in the right things?

Where did you invest the most?

What would you change?

How would you reallocate your investments?

Does your life portfolio need rebalancing?

How you reset your investment criteria in this next month will set up your next decade.

What is truly important? Choose wisely.

Published by Dan Cooper April 3, 2020