By Elizabeth Shandy
on June 23, 2022
Our next Partner Spotlight is Rob Poettgen, President of Bordner Home Improvement. Rob is an Acumen partner in our CEO team, Ignite led by Growth Catalyst, Scott Stanger.
By Scott Stanger
on June 16, 2022
Growing up, my father’s favorite saying was, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way!”
By Augie Grasis
on June 09, 2022
In August every year, Weatherby Lake hosts the Jeremey Katzenberger Memorial Triathlon, an event honoring a fallen Army Ranger who grew up here. In yesterday’s planning meeting for the 2022 event, ...
By Elizabeth Shandy
on June 02, 2022
About a year ago when things were getting back to semi-normal, I decided it was time to get back into fitness. I was a new mom thrown into a pandemic, and I desperately needed to get to a gym for my ...
By Dan Cooper
on May 26, 2022
In December of last year, we were quoting McKinsey research: “Two-thirds of employees quit jobs without a new job lined up. Among those likely to exit, 60 percent said they are leaving in the next ...
By Augie Grasis
on May 19, 2022
I hardly turn on the TV anymore. Bad news everywhere. Ukraine. The Border—is it closed or open? Oil prices are through the roof, and Inflation is at record highs. Interest rates are up, and the ...
By Elizabeth Shandy
on May 12, 2022
Our next Partner Spotlight is Brent Blacklock, Partner with TPP Certified Public Accountants, LLC. Brent is a partner in our Acumen key executive team, Premier. 
By Elizabeth Shandy
on May 05, 2022
What do you think of when you hear the word “Accountability?”
By Dan Cooper
on April 28, 2022
The succession plan for Moses was pretty simple. You stay here, and we’ve got the next guy in line ready to take over as CEO of Israel, Joshua.
By Elizabeth Shandy
on April 15, 2022
This month we are highlighting, Ryan Warman, Chief Operating Officer with Pearce Construction. Ryan is a partner in the key executive Acumen team, Ascend.