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Uncomfortable Work & the Addictive Leadership System

Do you ever avoid work that you consider uncomfortable? Does your team?

That desire to avoid discomfort is also what drives the daily actions of a drug addict. Their avoidance bars them from truly living; and yours is preventing you from being the best leader you could be.

The good news? The principles that addicts have used for 100 years to conquer their challenges can be applied in your context! This workshop will demonstrate how to combat the behaviors that cost business owners 500 hours each year, and provide an accountability system for tackling the Uncomfortable Work so necessary to building a valuable and impactful business.


Event Details

Date: February 20th
Location: Fiorella's Event Center
9000 W 137th Street
Overland Park, KS 66221
Connecting & Community: 8:30 AM
Speaker: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM CT 

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Great Leaders Live Like Drug Addicts: How to Lead Like Your Life Depends on It

With insights from Michael Brody-Waite's practical and inspiring book, Great Leaders Live Like Drug Addicts

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How will you be sharpened, challenged, & inspired?

  • Analyze the problem of avoiding Uncomfortable Work and identify the five behaviors that are costing you500 hours each year.
  • Combat the behaviors and fears that short circuit our ability to effectively tackle Uncomfortable Work.
  • Gain a practical system for holding yourself and your teams accountable to doing everything that needs to be done!
  • Learn to utilize the system in your unique context in order to address and execute your Uncomfortable Work.

Meet Our Speaker

Michael Brody-Waite

CEO & Founder, Addictive Leadership

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 Michael’s TEDx Nashville YouTube video, “Great Leaders Do What Drug Addicts Do,” provides insight into his twenty-year journey from addiction to successful entrepreneurship. It is the number one talk in the history of TEDx Nashville, with over 3 million views from people in 25+ countries.

In 2010, Michael left a Fortune 50 company at the height of the recession to cofound and lead InQuicker, a healthcare SaaS company that allowed patients to self-schedule appointments online. Under his leadership, the organization grew to 20,000 percent revenue growth, landing InQuicker a spot on the Inc. 500 list of Fastest-Growing Private Companies. Additionally, the organization was named one of the “Best Places to Work” four times and recognized as Healthcare Company of the Year. After selling InQuicker to a publicly-traded company in 2015, Michael served for three years as the CEO of the Nashville Entrepreneur Center, a 501c3 that helps over 2,000 entrepreneurs start or grow a business yearly.

His accomplishments include being named a Most Admired CEO, named to the Top 40 Under 40, and recognized by the Nashville Chamber of Commerce as Healthcare Entrepreneur of the Year. 

Today, Michael is on a mission to teach individuals, organizations, and communities how to lead themselves as the CEO of Addictive Leadership. Michael is changing the face of leadership by teaching the three principles inspired by his recovery, so leaders can achieve balance, reclaim energy, and reach their full potential. 

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We dont just manage your wealth. We help you create it.-5


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